> P.S.
> "kämpfen mit" can also mean something like "to
> struggle with".
> <<>>

so one interpretation could be that the gods
themselves have to deal with their own stupidity ( and
they fail ) ?


Right. At least that's how I myself interprete that Schiller line.
What other interpretation could you imagine? That they have to deal with
others' stupidity?


> Could someone check for me the Schiller line about
> "Against stupidity
> the gods themselves contend in vain"?  The Net is
> telling me it's either
> "Gegen Dummheit" or "Mit der Dummheit", although all
> agree that
> the rest is "... kämpfen selbst Götter vergebens".
> The English version is canonical because of the
> Asimov novel _The Gods
> Themselves_, in which each of the three sections is
> titled by one
> phrase.
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