bnathyuw wrote:

> so, questions :
> is the uk really odd in using this system ? does
> anything similar exist elsewhere ? i haven't seen it
> in the places i've been to, but that's not saying much

I know nothing about the Canadian system, but I know it looks a bit
similar: M5S 1K9 is in Toronto, Ontario.  If it is a similar system,
is this common in the British Commonwealth?

> secondly ( desperately trying to bring this back to
> conlanging, or at least conculturing ), has anyone
> addressed this issue in any of their concultures ?

The only conculture I've ever created - and was quite elaborate,
complete with constitution - used a system modeled on the look of
the Canadian system, but when I was 12 - as now - I knew nothing of
how it worked so it only _looked_ like the Canadian system.  The way
it worked was entirely out of my imagination and probably had a bit
in common with the system here in France.

Here in France, the first two digits refer to the Department
(something like a county in Anglo-Saxon countries).  For example,
Paris is 75.  The remaining digits refer to a location within the
Department - 75012 is the 12th Arrondissement of Paris.