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>Aya c'eraz, a paikure
>How do you order the alphabet of a conlang? Logically? (p t k b d g m n ng
>... etc) Completely randomly? (h m g b d s e p)

Jarda has a logical order to the letters: all vowels first, then
consonants. The vowels are listed in high to low, front to back order, with
unrounded vowels before rounded. The consonants are also listed in front to
back order, with a standard order for all the consonants at each point of

Tirelat, on the other hand, has a more or less arbitrary order, although
the common letters tend to be listed earlier in the alphabet than the
uncommon letters.

>I'd like to take some inspiration from natural scripts. The problem is, I
>can't see any reason behind the order of letters in these alphabets.
>How did the order of the letters our alphabet -- or in the alphabet that
>later developed into it -- come about?

Devanagari and related scripts of India have a more or less reasonable
order for the stops: starting with the velar stops, then continuing with
palatal, retroflex, alveolar, and bilabial (the reverse of the Jarda
order). Within each section, the voiceless stops are listed first
(unaspirated, followed by aspirated), the voiced stops next (again,
unaspirated, followed by aspirated), and finally the nasals. The rest of
the consonants are added at the end of the alphabet, in no particularly
obvious order.

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