On Friday 20 September 2002 07:52, Thomas Leigh wrote:
> Irina wrote:
> >> Romanian:
> >> Sunt un pes,te.
> >>
> >> Where {s,} should be s-cedilla (which I can't sent on this
> >> terminal).
> >
> > And, in modern (post-1960, approximately) Romanian, "sunt" should
> > be "sīnt"; in case the i-circumflex doesn't come through, that's an
> > i-circumflex, pronounced "barred-i" (close central unrounded).
> Actually, "sunt" is correct; the 1993 orthographic reform in Romania
> replaced "sīnt" with "sunt", and also restored the letter "ā"
> (a-circumflex) in many words which had been respelled with "ī"
> (i-circumflex) in the 1953 spelling reform.

Goes to show that I haven't done anything serious with Romanian since
the early nineteen-nineties :-)  I like "ā" being back.

Is "sunt" pronounced [sunt], rather than [si-nt]? In that case it's not
only an *orthographic* reform, unless the pronunciation has changed
radically since 1982 (last time I consciously recall hearing a native
non-dialect* speaker say "I am").

* at least he was, and to my knowledge still is, a university professor
of Romanian, born, raised and educated in Bucarest; so if it's dialect
he speaks it's bound to be pretty much the standard one.


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