--- andrew wrote:

> > >I keep a journal, and most of it, for 6 years, has been written in a
> > >personal language based on 'Wordcraft' and 'A Concise Anglo-Saxon
> > >Dictionary'.
> >
> > Please, tell more, and give a sample, please!
> A sample:
> Driete, let my gan sibful, for'm ik heb seen't sinte de du hest jeruwed
> beforn all folks; for'ne cudness toe'm deie, an liet, and't wulder for
> dyne folk Israhel.
> Lord, let me go peacefully, because I have seen the salvation that you
> have prepared before all people; for a revelation to the nations, a
> light, and glory for your people Israel.
> It's not the same without the accents.
> One day I will at least have to complete a grammar and dictionary to
> Zelandish.  But as the corpus is my personal writings I am in hurry to
> complete it.

Zelandish, that's the name of the language?
It reminds me quite strongly of Frisian, except for the word "cudness", which
reminds me more of English; but any Dutch person who is familiar with Frisian
orthography but not with its vocabulary might easily be fooled. Anyway, I'd be
curious to see some of the grammar.

Of course, AFAIK the name "New Zealand" is derived from our Dutch province
"Zeeland", which has its own dialect(s) as well. But the adjective of this
province is not "*Zeelands", but "Zeeuws".


"Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones

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