On Sep/30/2002, Christophe Grandsire wrote:

> A Spanish guy who compares French to English to try and make sense to a French
> sentence... Well, this one I had never seen! You would have made better bets if

        What can I say. Live and learn! :-) There are a lot of words of
french origin in english, so I thought I could dare to speculate ;-)

> you had compared it with your mothertongue ;))) . For instance, don't you find
> the similarity between 'goûts' and 'gustos' obvious? (note: the circumflex in

        I didn't, because I didn't thought on the pronunciation. And I
should: the very few things that I looked once about french made me
realize that there are words that look different, but are quite the same
when pronounced.

> compared it with Spanish 'deinde'. You wouldn't have been so wrong, since they

        "Deinde"? Is that really spanish? :-m I have never heard it O:-)

> Well, I could never imagine that a speaker of a Romance language would ever try
> to compare another Romance lang with English to try and understand it...

        It was just a bug in my mental pattern matching engine. Have to
apply latest patch, I guess :-m :-)

        Roberto Suarez Soto