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>     An honest mistake I'm sure.

I don't doubt it :) . I was just genuinely amazed that it could be possible. I
recognise the peculiarities of French, but I thought it was still recognised as
a Romance languages by other Romance language speakers...

 After all, we all know that English is
> essentially French as spoken by drunk Norsemen to pretty Anglo-Saxon
> barmaids,
> so why not try to understand obtuse French proverbs via English? ;>

LOL :)))

>     This reminds me of a former roommate of mine whose Russian
> improved
> dramatically when liberally sprinkled with vodka (or alcohol of any
> kind)...

So with French you'd better use cognac :)) (or Grand Marnier? :))) ). Or Pastis
if you want to speak a Southern dialect ;))) .


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