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Christophe Grandsire wrote:
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> > >
> > > I think there's a similar phenomenon here in
> France.  What makes me
> > > laugh are the people who purposely whip out the
> cell phone in public
> > > to look "cool" - how is it cool when I'm
> probably the only person in
> > > France who doesn't have one?
> > >
> >
> >Don' ask me. I've seen children of 8 with a mobile
> phone (or a "portable"
> >as we
> >say in French). This is pure nonsense...
> >
> >My friend and I resist as much as possible the
> mobile phone invasion. We
> >don't
> >have a mobile (what for? It would be always off
> with me anyway :)) . I
> >don't
> >like to be reachable at any moment),
> I used to think like that 'fore I got a mobile
> phone, but pretty immediately
> I realized that it infact increases my control over
> when I'm reachable; by
> having the mobile with me, I can be reachable pretty
> much whenever I feel
> like, while if I don't want to be I just keep the
> mobile turned off. If
> worst comes to worst and I forget to turn it off
> when I should've and
> somebody calls, well it's an embarassment, but I can
> always turn down the
> call. The only truly bad thing is that as long as I
> live at my parents' I
> can't unplug the fixed line when I feel like it.

i use mine much more for text messages than for
speaking to people ( in common with many british
mobile users . . . probably down to the high price of
calling other mobile phones and the low price of text
messages ), and i quite enjoy the revenge of the
written word. there's something nice about having to
cram a complex message into 160 characters ( and no, i
don't use the txt msg abbreviations ; and yes, i do
use semicolons in my text messages )


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