--- Kendra <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Really? How would you spell it?

I'd spell it "mam". Not to be confused with "Mam".

> I think most people around here don't like
> being called ma'am.


> Haha!! I love it when I mean to point out a mistake,
> and end up correcting
> it. I meant to write "I almost just wrote Kanada."

Ah. A burro of a different tint.

> That's a fantastic title. :)

It's a bugger to put on coins, so they usually opt for
something simple like "HAENDFAUSTE HAIRSSOGGE".

> -Kendra


Camifi, Marusi, teterani, tester fuferios asteros; tamenio
vem Persaecion empuriase ed ec pasem emduriase.
        -Pomperios Perfurios.

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