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> I'm sure someone has seriously proposed married and
> unmarried male
> forms -

Probably. I've never heard of one, though.

> It's not as if there's anyone
> preventing you from
> using new word,

Of course not. I use the "new" word, Ms., for married
women as well as unknowns. That is, I take the PC term
and turn it around on them.

> and lobbying for their introction on
> forms and in
> dictionaries, but there is not to knowledge any
> demand from men to be
> able to express their marital status in an
> honorific, while there was
> a demand from women _not_ to express this.

Mind you, I never said there was a demand. I rather
doubt there was much of a "demand" in 1949 when "MZ"
came about either.

> As to a the matter of an asymmetry in "PCism" - I'm
> speculating here,
> but might it not be the cas that radicals consider
> "Miss" and "Mrs" to
> be entirely unnecessary, leaving the preferred
> honorifics at a
> symmetrical pairing of "Mr" and "Ms"?

Possibly. Though I'd suspect there's more of a female
victimisation thing going on.

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