On Mon, 14 Oct 2002 23:44:03 +0200 Christophe Grandsire scripsit:

"dy" against "vy" in Russian

To be more precise, it's "ty" (not "dy") vs. "vy".

You cannot use the polite forms from those languages to prove your point, as
their use is rather limited and nearly everywhere is losing ground (not sure
about Russia.

Well, in Russian a polite "vy" is still widely used, and doesn't seem to
disappear in near future, but the main reason for it IMHO is a quite small
gap between written and spoken Russian due to severe educational programs in
schools under Soviet times, smoothing lots of dialectisms and conversational

English is the only European language that doesn't distinguish singular vs.
plural "you" on a regular basis, although most English dialects have found a
way to distinguish singular from plural, showing that the distinction is
considered important.

Esperanto may be added with its confusing "vi", but methinks it was coined
according to English pattern.

> Christophe.

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