Well, Skuodian, as a language with 7 cases, takes care of this easily

> 1) I shall kill you like [I would kill] a dog.

Jaaso  tee jaako soukuon oubejuon

I:NOM you:sg:OBJ-SHORT as dog:ACC:SG kill:FUT:1SG

> 2) I shall kill you like a dog [would kill you].

Jaaso tee jaako souka oubejuon

I:NOM you:sg:OBJ-SHORT as dog:NOM:SG kill:FUT:1SG

Now that makes makes sense, since the dog's case is in accord with that
of whatever it is being compared to.

> 3) I prefer grandma-style bread.  (Since we have minors on the list,
>     I decided to leave the dog out of this construction. ;-)

Being a non-English-speaking minor, I sense there is something corny
about this, so I'll pass on it ;-)

> 4) She sings loudly.

Taa puojeto gruomkuo

She:NOM sing:PRES:3SG loudly

> 5) She sings in a way that makes her ridiculous.

Taa puojeto na puosmiehit'e vehomo

She:NOM sing:PRES:3SG onto ridicule:ACC:SG all:DAT

Well, that's an idiom, as you might guess :-)

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