Aidan Grey <[log in to unmask]> writes:

> 1. crowd
> There was a huge crowd in front of the building.

Cieli naubade umeo niefi.
cie- li     naub-a  -de  u-  meo-0     nief -i
MASS-people huge-NDF-COP ESS-front-CON store-DEF
"A huge people-mass is/was at the front of the store."

> 2. lead
> She led her dog into the field.

Khuntu gor khebuli eki nnur yin.
s-  kunt -u   g-  or    -0   khebul-i   ak   -i   nnur yi-n
PST-drive-PST ALL-inside-CON field -DEF woman-DEF dog  GEN-OBJ
"(She) drove (it) to the inside of the field, the woman, her dog."

(Eki) khuntu nnur yin gor khebuli.

> Her dog was on a lead.

Fafra nnur yinde.
faf-ia-0    nnur yi -n  -de
"A tied one her dog is/was."

> The pipes are made of lead.

Llouti det   kaudide.
lluwt-i   det     -0   kaud-i  -de
lead -DEF material-CON pipe-DEF-COP
"Lead is the material/substance of the pipe(s)."

I'll save the rest for later...

--Pablo Flores
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