> Hmm, I thought Tim's reply was in jest (dons space suit, goes up and
> a satellite....).  But if it's a possibility, then I need to check it out.
> Is this the same deal as "dish-antenna TV systems"? (which I've considered
> more than once after raging at ATT-Broadband's third outage of the night)

Yes, very similar.  Some set-ups allow you to get satellite (dish) TV and
Internet over the same dish.

All satellite Internet systems, last time I checked, could be used only for
receiving; uploads and HTTP queries and so forth go out seperately over a
regular landline.  So if you wanted to run a server, satellite wouldn't be
much faster than dialup, if I understand it correctly.

When I was looking at one of these for my boat it was around the $600 range
to install and around $50 a month, but that was maybe two years ago now.

--Eli Naeher