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> I stand corrected.  Still, strictly speaking,
> inclusive "we" means "I and
> you (and possibley they)", and exclusive "we" means
> "I and they".  So I
> find it semantically odd to form the word for "we"
> by pluralizing the word
> for "I", as if it meant "lots of me's".  It brings
> to my mind images of
> cloning: the Boys from Brazil, perhaps, could quite
> logically use such a
> pronoun.

bac uses the plural of 'i' when speaking on behalf of
a group ( |sont| from |sot|, |soht| when the speaker
means 'each of the group i represent individually' ).
in other cases it has compound forms with |wer| 'you'
or |lic| 's/he' or both. likewise with the second and
third persons ( altho the second only compounds with
the third and the third with none )

so no cloning, but perhaps a sense of collective
spirit . . .


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