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>That's begging for a transliteration using Maggel! ;)) So here it goes!

    ::mock panic:: EEK! Maggel attack...


>Christophe Grandsire (MGL)

> an oaridiofiojbeol laionghueodh is a laionghueodh itaid hoais bione
> odeogliobraidolio deisiein bah huone ibeeorsane or a osmole ggruib
> aif ibioibl ooifer a relaidioiflio jborid ibiorhod aif tieome. sionaniims
> for ita ideeorm oaridiofiojbeol laionghueodh ingoluodd ibolaiond
> laionghueodh, igoonsdroigded laionghueodh, omodl laionghueodh,
> eoineadg inivained laionghueodh.
> oaridiofiojbeol laionghueodhis deisiein for osibaosiofeig iboioribesis
> ore olsoo onooneadg bie an ereh aif oitar ideeormis. itoois ihuoisod
> ineadg huorgs aif ofigjbane ore igoold iomaidhineri laionghueodhis or
> laionghueodhis. itoois deisiein idu ofasiolidaeide gloobl
> igomhuniiggejbane ore igoold ihuonifaorsl laionghueodhis, oigsilheeri
> laionghueodhis (oigslaioings), einarlaionghueodhis or
> einarlionghuais, einarnaajbanl laionghueodhis, eoidheoidra.
> ite ruiolm aif oaridiofiojbeol laionghueodh olsoo ingoluodis lodhiigl
> laionghueodhis, noimar laionghueodhis, osimoolige laionghueodhis...

    ::impressed with CG's lingua-manglin' Maggel --- head-spinnin' with its
utter strangeness::  Talk about a "mutant" English!!!!

>Pff... remind me never to begin such a thing again!! :))

    Why not??? Besides I highly doubt you can resist, hehe...

>Note that this transcription corresponds roughly to what a speaker of Maggel
>would do if he had to transcribe this text in a hurry from the mouth of
>an American speaker ;))) . Also, this transcription is unnaturally regular
>compared to normal Maggel orthography :))) , and the number of approximations
>is unnumerable ;))) . In some cases, it seems the whim of the writer has
>even been stronger that the need of a phonetic transcription ;))) (Maggel
>are extremely aware of calligraphy and aesthetics of the written word and
>prefer to write "incorrectly" rather than uglily. Of course, they often
>have a strange sense of aesthetics

    LMAO... if they descended directly from Pict-ish like people and were
never really "civilized" totally, I would imagine they would have some
strange aesthetics.

>but I can assure you that it looks better in the Maggel alphabet ;))) ).

    Naturally. Like the Maggel ironwork and jewelry, very
ornate-but-naturalistic in comparision to any Roman alphabet language ;)

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