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> > come on pristophe, can't we have the intonation as
> > well ( given it's so regular in french ) ?
> >
> Because it was so regular, I didn't have to add the
> intonation ;)) . It's
> completely contained into the stress mark.

i'ld say incompletely, as you have to know the (
single ) rule that each stress is a high except the
final which is a low, unless it's a question

> > ['vi_H'gER_H
>,pOm(_H)[log in to unmask]]
> I wouldn't put _H on [pOm]. The secondary accent is
> so small there anyway...

hence the parentheses. i imagine in very slow careful
speech you might include it, ne ?

> > [,&s 'lA:f _ ,&s 'wO: _ ,&s p@'t&I?@z 'Ini?]
> >
> Is *that* your dialect?!! No wonder it took me years
> to begin to understand
> British English!!! (American English is easy in
> comparison! :)) )

no, it's an extreme (south)east london accent. i would
probably be

[,D&?s lAIf _ ,D&?s wO: _ ,D&?s p@'tEIt3Uz]

i'm not sure of the syllable division ; i think i
place the [s] of [D&?s] at the beginning of the
following syllable, but as in most english accents
it's hard to tell.

as to [p@'tEIt3Uz], i find myself somewhere between
that and [p@tVItVUz], altho i tend towards the former
in formal situations

the [InI?] ( the [i] was a typo ) in the first version
of this is of course the tag 'innit' ( < 'isn't it' )
which acts as a generic punctuation mark in many
versions of english regional speech ( and i think in
some forms of indian english as ['Iz@n`t`,It`] )


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