Robert B Wilson (RBW)
     Vermont Revised Spelling - Dennis Paul Himes (VRS)
     Sherall standard pronounciation - David Starner (SSP)

(The Sherall are a future genetically engineered variant of humans, who
lost the ability to pronounce plosives or labials. (There were mentioned
here a long time ago.) Academics, working on English texts have
produced a way to pronounce English; this is it in X-Sampa.)

[RBW] on artifiscyol laengwaecge ise o laengwaecge šaet hase bein
[VRS] An artifishshul langgwij iz a langgwij dhat haz bin
[SSP] an arTiKisal is a laNuaGe T:aT has zlen

[RBW] deiliberotli dessynd by wone persone our o smalle grupe ofe
[VRS] dulibbertlee duzinde by wun persun or a smoll groop uv
[SSP] DelizleraTelO DesiGned zly one slerson or a sJousl of

[RBW] peipol ouver o relotivli shaort peireiod ofe tyme. Sinounimsse
[VRS] peple oaver a rellutivlee short peerreeud uv time.  Sinnunimz
[SSP] sleosl:e oK\er a relaTiK\elO SorT slerioD oK Time.  sOnonOJs

[RBW] four še terme artifiscyol laengwaecge include plaend
[VRS] for dha term artufishshul langgwij inclood pland
[SPP] Kor T:e TerJ arTiKisal laNuaGe insluDe slanD

[RBW] laengwaecge, constructede laengwaecge, maodele laengwaecge,
[VRS] langgwij, cunstructed langgwij, modld langgwij,
[SPP] laNuaGe sonsTrusTeD laNuaGe, JoDel laNuaGe

[RBW] aende infentede laengwaacge.
[VRS] and invented langgwij.
[SPP] anD inK\enTeD laNuaGe.

[RBW] Artifiscyol laengwaecgesse deissynd four specific purposese are
[VRS] Artufishshul langgwigez duzinde for spuciffick perpucez ar
[SPP] arTiKisal laNuaGe DesiGneD Kor s:lesiKis slursloses are

[RBW] alsou noun by on orrai ofe ošere termse. Šouse ussd in worcs ofe
[VRS] olso none by an uray uv udhdher termz.  Dhose uzde in werx uv
[SPP] also xnoEn zlO an araO oK oT:er TerJs. T:ose useD in Eorxs oK

[RBW] ficscyon are calld imaecginaeri laengwaecgesse our ficscyonol
[VRS] ficshun ar cold imaginairree langgwigez or ficshunull
[SPP] KisTion are caleD iJaGinarO laNuaGe or KisTional

[RBW] laengwaecges. Šouse deissynd tou facilitaite gloubol
[VRS] langgwigez.  Dhoze duzinde too fucillutate globle
[SPP] laNuaGes. T:ose DesiGneD To KasiliTaTe Glozlal

[RBW] caommunicascyonsse are calld unifersol laengwaecges, acsilyari
[VRS] cumeunucaishshunz ar cold eunuversl langgwigez, ogzilyuree
[SPP] soJunisaTion are caleD uniK\ersal laNuaGes, auxsilary

[RBW] laengwaecgesse (acslaengsse), interlaengwaecgesse ore
[VRS] langgwigez (oxlangz), interlanggwigez or
[SPP] laNuaGes (axslaNs), inTerlaNuaGes or

[RBW] interlingwasse, internascyonol laengwaecgesse, etc.
[VRS] interleengwuz, internashshunull langgwigez, et cettera.
[SPP] inTerliNs (?), inTernaTional laNuaGes, eT seTera.

[RBW] Še relm ofe artifiscyol laengwaecgesse alsou includsse laocgicol
[VRS] Dhe relm uv artufishshull langgwigez olso incloodz lojgicl
[SPP] T:e realJ oK arTiKisal laNuaGes also insluDes loGisal

[RBW] laengwaecgesse, number laengwaecgesse, simbaolic laengwaecges,
[VRS] langgwigez, number langgwigez, simbollick langgwigez ...
[SPP] laNuaGes, nuJzler laNuaGes, siJzlolis laNuaGes . . .

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Great is the battle-god, great, and his kingdom--
A field where a thousand corpses lie.
  -- Stephen Crane, "War is Kind"