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   This is starting to look decidedly like the game of Life, the cellular
automata thingy.


> > This gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "strange attractor"
>I found a sentence that, interestingly, doesn't lead to an attractor but
>a recursively growing sentence. I started with "How do I begin again?",
>which after 3 rounds generated a prepositional phrase with the word
>"point" and the phrase "water-drainage." After that, each pass generates
>another mutant copy of the "point" phrase and something involving water.
>Seven rounds yields:
>"How he exijiu, this water of the water of the water-drainage of the
>water, silicone for the greatest piece of the important point for the
>greatest piece of the important point for the point he in the calm of the
>majority for the low point, that the external piece for the part of the
>point under surface for the deepest beginning of the point, is important
>that, those, he?"
>Jesse S. Bangs     Pelíran
>"You won't be happy with me
>But give me one more chance
>You won't be happy anyway." --The Magnetic Fields