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wrote: > John Cowan wrote:
> > Roses are red,
> > violets are blue,
> > I have MPD,
> > and so do I.
> :D   That's a goodie, but shouldn't that last line
> be
> "and I do too" to make it rhyme with "violets are
> blue"?
> At least that's how it is in Swedish.
> Rosor är röda,
> violer är blå,
> jag är schizofren,
> jag likaså.
> Although it *is* kinda funny when it *doesn't*
> rhyme.

well, it's a bit rude ( just a bit ), but this
limarick follows the same principle :

there was once a young novice monk
who was dreaming one night in his bunk
  that a woman from venus
  was sucking his elbow
he woke up all covered in perspiration

hmmmph !


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