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> Here is another funny site:
> It si a Dutch site, but English can be used
> It translates in many languages (just words, not sentences).
> The fun part is, it translates not only into Spanish and English,
> but also into into some 'exotic' languages like Afrikaans, Albanian,
> Old English, Esperanto, Faeröer, Frisian,Latijn, Malaysian,
> Papiaments, Scottisch Gaelic, Sranan, Tagalog, Zulu and
> (huarray!) even Yucatec Maya!
> Unfortunately, the Yucatec vocab is rather small :(

Hey, I've just realised that it's one of those dictionaries that use Esperanto
as interlang between two languages. I had heard of that use for Esperanto but
had never seen it in action :)) .


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