I've been recently thinking on a new conlang. The idea behind it
is, I think, semitic-like: words have a consonant-based root, and the
class of word (noun, verb, adjective) is derived of that form using
different vowels and particles.

        By now, the only things I've got are (besides that crazy idea
;-)) two words that I want to relate, though I don't know how: "Urkun"
and "Orkurdan". "Urkun" is supposed to be a river, and "Orkurdan" a
mountain range that lies near. As I already have another word,
"Korkal", which is also the name of a river, I thought that "-rk-" could
be the root form for "river". It makes sense, then, that "Orkurdan" is
something related to a river, because it has the "-rk-" root too.
"River" as an adjective (let's say that it means "flowing [like a
river]") or verb ("to flow [like a river]") could be derived from this

        But I've got no idea of how to do O:-) And I'd like to know how
semitic languages (or whatever are similar to what I'm proposing; maybe
I'm unknowningly referring to another kind of language) behave on this
aspect. Any hints or URLs with information, any similar
conlangs/natlangs? O:-)

        Thanks on advance.

        Roberto Suarez Soto