Dear Every One,

Well, after a long break, I'm back again.  That itchy
something in us all pulls me back to my squiggly lines
and jumping jack morphemes.

As a re-introduction, my name is Heather, I've created
MeloChalaka, Bakoyu, and now Mashish (which, by the
way, I only just realized it sounds like hashish.  Oh

Right now, I have decided I shall write a book about
How to Conlang.  There is somebody, who is it? who has
a wonderful websight that explains all this and for
the longest time I didn't think I'd write this book
because he did such a wonderful job, but now I think
we need something in prints as well as bits.

So, for this book I am doing a servey of all the
conlangs I can get a hold of, to see, you know, what
everybody else does.  Any who is willing, please
answer as many of these questions as possible, and you
will help me write my book.

I think I shall include the questions in a separate
email, just for better handling.

So, adios mi amigos, for now at least, and farther on,
into the wild blue yonder.


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