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>feurieux wrote:
><<Can anyone give me examples of vowel harmony systems
>that are neither Finno-Ugric nor Turkish? How would
>vowel harmony evolve in a language previously without
>such a system?>>
>The most common type of vowel harmony in the world is ATR vowel harmony.
>Leggbo has ATR harmony.   So, for that system you have underrepresented
>vowels E and O, which appear either as [e] or [E] (for E), and [o] or [O]
>(for O), depending on the lax/tenseness of the preceeding vowels.

ATR is Advanced Tongue Root ??? (my memory for terms and acronyms is not so

>I have a vowel harmony system for one of my languages that includes its
>historical origins. It's the same vowel system as Turkish, but rather than
>two underrepresented vowels, there are (I think) 21.   I posted it to the
>list twice, but no one read it.

I remember seeing it. I was too confused to comment. IIRC you had to use
letters in some weird fashion in order to make all the distinctions. Which
language was that? Maybe feurieux could search the archives.


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