From: "Roger Mills" <[log in to unmask]>
> Additions to the Index of Musical Mispronounciations:  I once heard an
> announcer refer to those well-known Russians, [SOs't&kovitS] and
> ['prokofajf]. (And I've always been partial to that Frenchman, Jackie Bear.)

My sister has to do this, working for the university radio station.

She IMs me from work with things like that:
[19:10] (on a side note  I had to say Sigurd Jorsalfar on the radio)
[19:10] Muke Turtle: oh dear
[19:11] what?
[19:11] Muke Turtle: did you do it properly?;p
[19:12] oh,
[19:13] i stumbled a little
[19:13] it was [elided]'s poor idea of a joke!
[19:13] requesting things I can't pronounce!
[19:31] how would you pronounce scherzo?