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> On Tue, Oct 22, 2002 at 04:31:37PM +0000, Andreas Johansson wrote:
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>> Except when |th| denotes biphonemic /th/. Beethoven's name would be an
>> example; according to the pronunciation guides I can find, it's
>> ['be:tho:f@n].
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> That's interesting. Esp. with the [f]. So apparently the Chinese
> pronunciation isn't too far off: [pEj t_hwO f@n] (the [p] here being, of
> course, unaspirated, and would sound closest to [b]).

I think in Korean, Beethoven is something like [pe t_ho ben].
Bach renders out as [pa ha], Chopin as [tSo peN] or somesuch.

And I can't even remember how Burgmueller got rendered except that it was
butchered all to hell.  *grin*  Much like the way I used to play those

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