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On Wed, 23 Oct 2002 11:02:22 +0300, Isaac A. Penzev <[log in to unmask]>
> ObConlang: Does any of your conlangs have regular vowel reduction
> to stress shift, like in Russian [dOm] - [dV"ma] "house" - "houses",
> ["gOr@t] - [g@rV"da] "city" - "cities"; or (Old) Hebrew [kQ:"Bo:D] -
> [k@Bo:"Do:] "glory" - "his glory", [zQ:"qe:n] - *[z@q@"ne:] >
> "elder" - "elders of"?

In Rubaga, at least, with _historically_ open syllables (one of the few
places Rubaga parallels common romance).

The phonetic changes, somewhat simplified, are:
stressed  unstressed
[ae]      [E]
[a6]      [3]
[Ao]      [O]
[Ei]      [I]
[Ou]      [U]
[E3]      [I]
[O3]      [U]
[ii]      [I]
[uu]      [U]
[i@]      [I]
[u@]      [U]

The orthographic changes are:
{a}       {a}
{ea}      {e}
{oa}      {o}
{e}       {i}
{o}       {u}
{i}       {i}
{u}       {u}

Note that there's no 1-to-1 correspondence between orthography and
phonetics. Also, I'm thinking of a change to increase the Maggelity: a
choral version of Rubaga, where the pronunciation depends on the key
signature (e.g. A flat minor).

Jeff J.