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I would have to check to be certain, but I believe
> that the most often-
> cited example of the serious use of A-flat minor in
> the literature is a
> fugue in that key that Brahms wrote while he was
> doing his "correspondence
> course" in counterpoint and fugue with Joseph
> Joachim.  Poor Joachim; he
> was hopelessly outclassed.  Can you imagine sending
> fugues back and forth
> in the mail with Brahms?  The A-flat-minor fugue, I
> believe, finally drove
> Joachim to call the whole thing off.  It is an organ
> work, long, intense,
> and difficult, and as I remember, it modulates quite
> seriously into the
> relative major of C-flat.  One organist I spoke to
> said that the piece
> would be easier if a publisher would just reprint
> the whole thing in G-
> sharp minor.

hey, what about schubert's third impromptu, which is
in g flat major ( not f sharp ) but got printed in g
major for a long time because noone could conceive why
he chose such an odd key

in fact, this 'odd' key makes the piece lie much
easier under the hands, but that was clearly
irrelevant to c19 publishers


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