--- Heather Rice wrote:

> Language name, creator's name, realative date of
> creation (just any old number will do), country and
> first language of creator, purpose of conlang
> (auxlang, conlang, loglang, . . . ).


Before I'll start to fill in the form, I would strongly suggest you to make one
modification in your questionary, now that it's not too late yet.
What I have in mind is the a priori/a posteriori distinction: where did the
language steal its vocabulary and grammar?
And since I am basically an a posteriori conlanger, I would also add the family
the language belongs to (for example: romlangs, celticonlangs, etc.).

I think it would be unfair to leave this subject for the notes section.


"Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones

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