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=?iso-8859-1?q?bnathyuw?= scripsit:
> > now, could a russian/german correct me please (
> > especially, do germans pronounce the |h| in
> ludwig's
> > surname ? )
> Well, German unvoiced stops are aspirated like
> English ones, so in
> that sense, yes.  But th = t in German orthography,
> and indeed th
> was eliminated from almost all words except proper
> names in the
> orthographic reform of 1901: Noth > Not, thun > tun,
> etc.

except in compounds, eg, Rathaus. as a l3 ( or
possible l7 (!) ) german speaker ( ie very poor ) it
wasn't clear to me whether the name should be split
Bee-thoven, Beet-hoven or Beeth-oven, and even then i
wouldn't be able to say whether even Beet-hoven would
keep the /h/.

but i'll take your word for it being /'be:tov@n/,
altho as i mentioned, the accent i've picked up tends
to advance ( right term ? ) the vowels almost to
['bi:tuv@n] ( just as /I/ and /U/ are retracted ( ? )
to almost [E] and [O] )


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