Numeral system collectors take note: Lindiga now has basic numbers. Since
the language is still in the very earliest stages of development, they
might change at any time, so here's the web page link for the latest

Unlike Tirelat, which is base 12, Lindiga does everything in decimal. I
mean everything, even angles and time of day. The basic roots are:

     0    ["NEwi]
     1 jai       ["ja?i]
     2 ko.tti    ["kOt:i]
     3 mitti     ["mit:i]
     4 siri      ["Siri]
     5 ngvo.ji   ["NwOji]
     6 issi      ["?iS:i]
     7 xaski     ["xaski]
     8 pa^si     ["pa:Zi]
     9 ukki      ["uk:i]
    10 kii       ["ki?i]
   100 fre^ngi   ["fre:Ni]
10,000 t.l.u^s.i ["t`K`u:z`i]

(As usual, imagine that the dots are under the preceding letter, and the
circumflexes over the preceding letter.)

Also, I've moved the basic Lindiga page into its own directory, since I'll
probably be making more of these pages, and it's convenient to have them
all in one place when I want to update them.

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