--- Tristan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> >I can see what you mean, but it's not like there
> was a
> >new something that _also_ had the name "book" in
> the
> >14th century and took a wierd plural "books".
> >
> True. I didn't realise that was a consideration for
> you though. Indeed,
> I thought you said a mouse was a mouse.

I did. Which is why I have no problem with "mice".

Because the computer mouse is so new (and as someone
said, not particularly rodentlike), it might warrant
an irregular plural (mouses).

> Maybe I'm
> just confusing the
> matter though. We could always just do what MS says
> and use 'one mouse
> device' 'two mouse devices'.

Too long. Plus, it's M$, so I'll naturally do the
opposite of what they'd like. ;)

> Tristan.


il dunar-li c' argeont ayn politig;
     celist il pozponer le mbutheor ayn backun gras.

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