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>  --- Mat McVeagh skrzypszy:

Is that a real Polish word? LOL! ('wrote'?)

> > 4) "Ruman", probably the one I am going to have most fun reviving. It is
> > fictional Romance language, on the "what would have happened if there
> > been another country which developed an X type of language" principle,
> > I see many people have followed with their ficlangs. I imagined a small
> > central European country called Talina that spoke Ruman, and that I was
> > going to write a story about it (including interacting with other
> > countries and languages).
>Central Europe? That's interesting. Could you tell us the location of
>more precisely? Is there any connection with Romania? How does it interfere
>with other languages in Central Europe?

Talina is roughly east Switzerland and west Austria. Basically... Ruman =
Rumansch, only without actually being Rumansch ;)

>I am currently working on Wenedyk, a Romance conlang that looks
>like Polish. It is basically the result of applying the whole development
>Proto-Slavic into Polish to Vulgar Latin.

There seems to be an interesting category of ficlangs that are the
development of some ancient language according to the style of another.
Andrew Smith seems to have started the ball rolling with Brithenig.

> > I have none of this on the web, so I will have to begin a website for
>Don't forget do send us the link :)

Of course! This would be the first place! I do want some people to read it
after all! :)


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