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> This discussion has me curious now. Just how much of a Proto-Indo-European
> language has been reconstructed? Are there any sites that could show me some
> examples, some grammar, etc?

There are sites, but not very many good ones; the most reliable, comprehensive
stuff you'll find online will be just root reconstructions:

(The appendix to the American Heritage Dictionary lists Calvert Watkins's IE
roots for words that appear in it:)

(The Indo-European Etymological Dictionary is a project that is supposed to
eventually produce a successor to Pokorny's book.  On its site you can find
databases of Pokorny's book, and etymologies and/or lexica pertaining to Greek,
Albanian, Old Frisian, Indo-Aryan, Slavic, Tocharian B, Vedic, Luvian, Lycian,

As far as I know if you want good information you'll want to run to dead
trees... A good book is Andrew Sihler's "New Comparative Grammar of Greek and
Latin"--since their common ancestor is PIE, there's a lot of good PIE stuff in
there (phonology, declension, pronouns, numerals, conjugation) although it
skimps on accentuation:

    >> An exhaustive comparative grammar of G and L accent
    >> could be stated in sixteen words:  "There is little of
    >> the PIE system in Greek, and no trace of it in Latin."

There's not a section on syntax either.