Adrian Morgan wrote:
> What do you think? Good word?

Sounds too much like "optical"  :-)  Makes me think it has something to
do with vision.

> The rules are:
>   - 8 lines.
>   - Lines 1, 4 and 7 end with the same word.
>   - Line 1 is shorter than line 4, which is shorter than line 7.
>   - Lines 2 and 3 begin with the same word.
>   - Lines 4 and 5 begin with the same word.
>   - Certain lines tend to be longer than others; see examples.
>   - It should be recited slowly and meditatively, with a long pause
>     between each line. For this reason, each line should have a
>     certain independence.
>   - It should invoke some kind of anticipation, procession, or
>     gradual revelation.

Interesting idea.  Uatakassi is verb-initial, so the fourth and fifth
rules would work really well for it, at least, if grammatical variants
are permitted.  It would be more limiting to keep the verb forms

It gives me some ideas for Kassi poetry.   At present, I'm thinking that
alliteration of a sort will play a part, but the alliteration would be
of roots, ignoring grammatical prefixes.

Are there any rules about how long lines have to be?  By "shorter", does
this mean "fewer syllables" or "less time to pronounce it" (which would
be the same, I suppose, in a syllable-timed language, but not
necessarily in English)

> I read poetry.
> Watching words on the page.
> Watching the homes they erect in me.
> I enjoy poetry.
> I enjoy the images, and the way
> The best ones speak precisely as they should.
> Sometimes, I write poetry.
> At least, of a kind.

The fifth line seems to break the 7th rule, in that it doesn't have "a
certain degree of independence".  Is there something I'm missing here,
or is that only a guideline?

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