> > I was told it was from some local Slavic language, which I
> couldn't get
> > specified stricter than "not Sorbian". Can anyone here give more
> > information?
> Maybe West Baltic (aka Old Prussian)?  "Berlin" itself IIRC
> is a Baltic name, likewise other place names ending in "-in".

Hmm, no I guess it _is_ Slavic. As much of present-day Germany was
inhabited by Slavs at some point, they have naturally left this
onomasticon legacy. Being no historian, I simply can't say which of the
tribes lived around present-day Berlin, but what they spoke was
definitely some West Slavic language, now extinct.

Many geographical names in Germany proper are Slavic, such as Leipzig
(cf. Lipetsk in modern-day Russia), as well as the surnames of much the
Prussian aristocracy (von Bülow, for instance).

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