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>     ROTFLMAO. BTW is there a definition for _chaoslang_, hehe 0_o?

A language extremely sensitive to initial conditions? ;))))

> >
> >Mainly fusional, with hints of isolation and agglutination, and a
> light
> >touch of polysynthesis ;))) .
>     LMAO sounds like recipe for a fairly exotic dish...

That's how I meant it ;))) .

> > [ . . .] Maggel takes irregularity as a way of life, surprises even
> its
> author on the >way it works things out, is a master in presenting a
> familiar
> face and then, at the >moment you expect it last strike with a
> completely
> unpredictable feature! And of >course it goes the other way round: at
> the
> moment you think you're completely lost, >it shows suddenly a familiar
> face!
>     Somewhat like the Russian idea of _otstraneniye_ (spelling?)!!!

I don't know what it means, so I'll let the Russians of the list answer for
me ;))) .

>     Somewhere in this above passage is a rather good definition of a
> _chaoslang_ I think. . .

A language taking irregularity to an extreme degree while still giving the
(false) impression that there is a nice regular principle behind all this
nonsense? ;)))

>     No no... not snoring - that would be utterly random gibberish...
> more
> like that twilight zone betwixt sleepy dream-state and wakefulness.

Nice idea, indeed :)) .

> >But like the Tao, the Maggel which can be explained is not the true
> Maggel.
> So >throw away all my explanations. Maggel just *is*.
>     ::raises eyebrows::  *snarlfle!*

Hehe ;)))


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