Dear List members,

I'm currently working in a CD-ROM project that will use good old DynaText
as a browser for Italian music treatises. Recently, I have come across a
problem when compiling a collection index for non-English texts, which is
described below. The license I have does not give me support from Enigma,
the current supplier of DynaText. Is there anybody on the list who knows
the solution? Please reply privately.

Frans Wiering
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Question about DynaText 4.3
I've made a collection index (using mkcolidx) for a number of Italian
documents. The documents themselves were compiled with mkbook using the
option "-language it". Searching the individual documents with Expand
Search (such as thesaurus-based query expansion and stemming) works fine.
However, the Expand Search options for the entire _collection_ do not seem
to work: the numbers of hits are the same as for "unexpanded" searches.
This seems to be a language problem: query expansion works OK for
collections of English texts. So my question is: is there a (hidden?)
language option for mkcolidx, or, generally, how do I generate collection
indexes for non-english texts?

dr. Frans Wiering
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