> couldn't see the attachment.

We can't send attachments to the listserv, so it only went to Kyle. I have
attached the files here: a bibliographical data file, DTD, and
stylesheet. You'll have to adjust the links in each to get them to work with
each other. If you have any problems, just write to me again, and I'll try
to help you. Also, if the files get corrupted in transit, let me know, and
I'll zip them up and resend.

> I would also like to know how difficult it would be to produce different
> HTML files from a single XML one using the appropriate tools (e.g. I
> would like to produce a date-ordered and an author-ordered bibliography).

It is not difficult if you are able to do a little bit with XSLT style
sheets. That's exactly what they're for. I have attached one here, as a

Have fun!


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