Dear TEI-L Members:

I have recently become involved with an organization called Creative
Commons, which is dedicated toward the furtherance of the Internet as an
"Intellectual Commons," where data and ideas are shared freely by groups and
individuals (this, in response to the alarmingly rapid trend for Internet
resources to come under the control of the licenses and copyrights of large

Those of you who keep abreast some of the debates currently
going on in the area of cyberlaw and intellectual property will probably
recognize the names of some of the people involved in heading up this
project, including James Boyle, Michael Carroll, Lawrence Lessig, Hal
Abelson, Eric Saltzman, and Eric Eldred.

One of the present major activities of Creative Commons is the building of
an extensive database of collections, archives, and resources that are being
made available on the Web for public usage, with the database being
structured as a metadata "card catalog."

I would like, then, on behalf of Creative Commons, to invite you: If any
list members are responsible for handling a web site that makes available a
significant amount of data available in the form of text, images, music,
video, and so forth, and you would like to be registered with the Commons,
please take a look at their web site ( After
reading their descriptive information, if you are interested in getting
listed, you can get in touch with the project administrators through the
"contact" link.



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