Hello all,

I hope you will forgive a question from a newcomer to the

I am currently building an online annotated bibliography,
essentially a reference source for literary scholars in my
period.  I've written a DTD to describe the various items
being cataloged--scholarly monographs (complete with
publisher's descriptions, tables of contents, links to
reviews, and so forth), journal articles, articles from
edited collections, primary text editions (both scholarly
and pedagogical), websites, etc.  The idea has been to
produce a DTD that will sensibly record both the publication
info of a typical scholarly citation along with some
annotations and keywords that will facilitate a search of
the bibliography.  I need to know how well my DTD
coordinates with any work that has already been done in this

My question is this:  Is there some subset of the TEI that
would serve this bibliographical purpose?  Alternatively, is
there some DTD already in common use for the purpose of
describing items in an annotated scholarly bibliography?

Any suggestions would be most welcome--I am very new to this


Kyle Grimes

Kyle Grimes
Department of English, UAB
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