I have updated the material at as follows:

 * There are RelaxNG schemas for MathML and SVG and
   a demonstration of how to include them in a TEI Relax NG
   schema and document

 * I have devised a crude way to "flatten" a Relax NG schema
   to remove inclusions and redundant definitions, yielding
   a single portable file with no dependencies

 * For each of my example TEI Schemas, I have used James
   Clark's "trang" program to generate a W3C Schema .xsd schema

The last two represent work in progress, and are not very well
tested, but if all goes well they provide a way to use the TEI
with W3C Schema tools.

The next stage in this exercise will be to rewrite the TEI "pizzachef"
tool to work with the RelaxNG version of the TEI,
and generate DTD Relax and W3C constraints according to the
users specifications.

Comments on any of the above very welcome; especially
I would be delighted

 a) to get some independent evidence that the .xsd and .rng
  schemas are correct and useable (I have tested with jing
  and msv only)
 b) if someone rewrote my (undocumented)
   "roma" XSLT scripts in a more elegant and efficient way

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