Dear list,

For marking up book trade correspondence (e.g. between publishers and
authors or booksellers) we are using TEILite (XML). The question has
arisen how we should deal with the recipient's name and address and
sender's name as address as contained in a printed letterhead.

We have been placing the recipient details in the <opener>, thus:

    <addrLine> J. La Bree </addrLine>
    <addrLine>c/o Herr A.W.Sijthoff </addrLine>
    <addrLine>Doezastraat 1, 3 &amp; 5</addrLine>
    <name type="place">London</name>
    <date value="1892-08-19">Aug 19th 1892</date>
  <salute>Dear Sir,</salute>

Recently we have hit on the first letters with a letterhead. The
question is how we should deal with the letterhead details. If we place
the letterhead detaills also in the opener, how can we can distinguish
between the two types of addresses? Should the recipient details go in
the opener and the sender's details in the closer? Why, who not?
Incidentally, the project abstracts from the physical source almost entirely.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Adriaan van der Weel
Leiden Centre for the Book