On Wed, 13 Nov 2002, Elena Pierazzo wrote:

> Hi all!
> I’m in troubles with the TEI stylesheets in order to generate hyperlinks
> inside a corpus.
> I’ve marked my text ad follow:
> I’ve put a <ref target=””> element in a place, pointing to an ID anywhere,
> following the 14.1 chapter of the Guidelines but when I convert my text,
> the link is not well generated by XSLT. The result of the <ref> element is:
> <a class="ref" href="%0AAngelotti%0A#link-1-p-d0e1040%0A#link-1-lg-d0e1046%
> 0A#link-2-p-d0e1061%0A#link-2-lg-d0e1073%0A#link-3-p-d0e1091%0A#link-3-lg-
> d0e1125%0A#link-4-p-d0e1134%0A">Angelotti</a>
> where the word “Angelotti” refers to the name of the speaker of my drama
> text. The results would be instead: <a class=”ref” href=”myfile-
> 2.html#Rsp1”>Angelotti</a> where “Rsp1” is the value of the target
> attribute.
> Where am I wrong?

It is a bit complicated to read your mail, since you've possibly made a
cut and paste between an editor operating in UTF-8 to a mail program which
is meant to be ISO-8859-1

Anyway, how does you encode the <ref target="xxx">.. </ref> and
<whatever-tag id="xx">..</whatever-tag> stuff?

It would be easier to see what's wrong if you gave us a more detailed
example of your source.