The project requirements are not clear to me, but here
are a couple leads:

Consortium for Interchange of Museum Information (CIMI)

SPECTRUM XML-DTD Testbed Project

XML System for Textual and Archaeological Research (XSTAR)

- Robin

Robin Cover
XML Cover Pages


On Fri, 29 Nov 2002, Christian-Emil Ore wrote:

> We (The unit for digital documentation at the Arts faculty, University of
> Oslo, Norway) has since 1992 and still is creating information systems for
> the archaeological museums in Norway. A major information source is old
> catalogues and reports. The texts are encoded in XML/SGML according to the
> semantic content (see the example on the end of this message).  We have
> done this for more than 30 000 pages of printed test. My question to the
> list is: Does somebody knows any more formal initiative (e.g. TEI based) in
> the area of archaeology and text encoding?
> Christian-Emil Ore
> ****************************************************************************
> ****************
> <YEAR>1989 </INTRO>
> [...]
> <NRPAR><CATNR nrid="37267">C.37267. <ARTEFDATA><ARTEFACT>Axe</ARTEFACT> of
> <MAT>iron</MAT> <SHARED>from <AGE>Late Medieval time</AGE>. <ARTEFDATA>
> <MEAS>L: 141mm</MEAS>, <MEAS>edge W:109mm</MEAS>. Carpenter's axe with
> <FORM>specially shaped </FORM> blade to accommodate the fingers when it is
> held just "behind" the edge. Particularly necessary for fine work,
>   when used at an angle to the edge, or as a gouge.
> <SHARED>Found<FINDLOC>on the hill, about 300m above <LOC>ÅROS KAPELL</LOC>,
> in 1959 by <FINDER>Berge Narvik<
> /FINDER>, Tjernsrudveien 24, Jar, Oslo. </SHARED> </NRPAR>
> (Translated exerpt from the similar catalogues from the archaeological
> museum in Oslo)