--- Christian Thalmann <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> > il dunar-li c' argeont ayn politig;
> >      celist il pozponer le mbutheor ayn backun
> > gras.
> The giving-him this silver ain't politics;
>        cellist the postponing the butter ain't back
> on grass.  =)
> That's what happens when you use a cryptic sig
> without ever
> translating it for us poor ignorants.  ;-)

Well, sqyoozy moir!

"Giving money to a politician is like buttering a fat

Now that Election Day is over (or Selection Day for
the chadly challenged), I can go back to normal sigs!


Camifi, Marusi, teterani, tester fuferios asteros; tamenio
vem Persaecion empuriase ed ec pasem emduriase.
        -Pomperios Perfurios.


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