>>From: Jan van Steenbergen <[log in to unmask]>
>>Central Europe? That's interesting. Could you tell us the location of
>>more precisely? Is there any connection with Romania? How does it
>>with other languages in Central Europe?
>Talina is roughly east Switzerland and west Austria. Basically... Ruman =
>Rumansch, only without actually being Rumansch ;)

I see I didn't answer the latter bit. If by interfering you mean what does
Talina (actually the English name is supposed to be 'Tallin', I should use
that) do to the geography... well it's a bit like Herge's fictional Eastern
European countries, you can't be precise about where they are and what they
border. So the description of orientations will be kind of like an Escher or
Dali painting in that taken literally it will be physically impossible.

As to how Ruman interacts with other languages... I haven't made plans for
that, obviously it should borrow some words, and maybe lend them too. Given
where I am vaguely setting it there ought to be some Celtic influence, but I
can't afford to stress that too much because that's not the direction I want
to Ruman to go in sound-change-wise. I think in conclusion I'd like to do
the language in its own right without necessary reference to geographical
likelihood and then work the "pretend history" bit around that.

There's no connection with Romania(n), other than a similar name...
Romanian, Rumansch/Rhaeto-Romanic and now Ruman are all language names based
on "Roman", showing they are descended from Latin. And that's besides
auxlangs Romanova, Romanico etc., and I'm sure Ladin and Ladino are based on


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