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>Jeff Jones scripsit:
>> Really? I always thought that the "raised" form was older: [i:] > [@i] >
>> [ai].
>Yes, you are probably right and I'm shooting from the hip.  I've always
>assumed that "Canadian" (Scots, Pennsylvania) ai-raising was an innovation,
>but maybe it's a survival.

That's an interesting question. A couple of points first: 1) Canadian
raising is conditional (only before voiceless consonants), 2) Canadian
English is otherwise typically Northamerican. It's because of these, I
think, that Canadian raising has been considered an innovation. But the
idea of influence/intrusion by conservative Scots, or alternatively the not
quite complete Americanization of Scots, is intriguing. In the latter case,
would there be a conditioned _lowering_, or an inhibition of raising?


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