> >To be honest, I don't know if any research has been made
> into that area
> >(at least I haven't read anything, and I am yet to see an article on
> >this on a book on a bookshelf or in a bibliography). Well, I
> can [ask] someone
> >at the Dept. of Slavic Philology, if you wish.
> I, if no-one else, 'd be happy if you did.

That I did. I've been given a reading list, and I will give you results
as soon as I get hold on those books'n'papers.

As for Jan's claim that the language in question is Polabian, I think
it's not quite true. Polabian in the form we know it was recorded very
late, and it shows considerable Germanic infulence. It certainly is the
genuine continuation of the language community in question, but it's not
very relevant to the discussion.

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