--- Mat McVeagh skrzypszy:

> Is that a real Polish word? LOL! ('wrote'?)

No. It means "wrote" indeed, but the Polish word would have been "napisaŁ".
This is an example of my conlang Wenedyk, derived from Latin "scripsi".
I'll soon be posting something about Wenedyk.

> Talina is roughly east Switzerland and west Austria. Basically... Ruman =
> Rumansch, only without actually being Rumansch ;)

So occasionally it usurps Liechtenstein as well?

> There seems to be an interesting category of ficlangs that are the
> development of some ancient language according to the style of another.

Indeed! It is a very particular type of conlang. I must admit, that I enjoy
working on it a lot.

> Andrew Smith seems to have started the ball rolling with Brithenig.

So it seems. Although I can't imagine that nobody has ever tried the same thing
before. But Brithenig has certainly been the main inspiration for quite a few
languages, including mine.

And to answer a question you asked in another post:

> >You might also want to look at Gladilation, which has no verbs.
> Where can I find that?


"Originality is the art of concealing your source." - Franklin P. Jones

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